This section contains resources that will assist radiologists in familiarizing themsleves with Fuji Synapse PACS and it supporting applications. Some of these training materials are securely stored within Banner authorized "Teams" Channels. If you require access to the training materials please contact admin@uamedicalimaging.com

The following resources are made available by the Fujifilm Medical Systems Professional Services team. These include version specific, end-user instructional videos for discussion of Synapse administration.

Some of the content below require access. If you need access to these documents please submit a request email to admin@uamedicalimaging.com. Please provide information as to where you work, and a valid email address in your request.

Topic Description
Navigation Basics Locate, launch, and view a study. Access tools for image manipulation and navigate to additional studies.
Synapse PACS Basics Access and view specific study-related content from the Synapse Worklist.
PowerJacket® Access and use this comprehensive view of patient study history and associated information.
PowerJacket Configuration Options Define default displays for Notes, Documents, and Reports in the PowerJacket Information Pane for current and comparison studies.
Synapse Help Access and navigate the online Synapse User’s Guide.
Synapse Worklists Manage and customize columns in Synapse Worklists.
Custom QBE Worklist Create a custom Worklist that focuses on specific types of information.
Query by Example (QBE) View and interact with overlay data from the displayed image.
Active Overlays Filter content by any column in the List view.
My History Get quick and easy access to studies you have recently viewed and address interruptions.
Synapse 3D from Synapse 5 Launch Synapse 3D from within Synapse PACS version 5.
Topic Description Date Posted Links
Radiologist Workflow: Step by step instructional on how to set up your Fuji Synapse 5.7 settings and how to locate patient to dictate. 9/15/2020
Primordial Workflow – Radiologist: Step by step instructional on how to view tech notes and complete the Primordial QC process. 9/17/2020
Topic Description Date Posted Links
Keyboard Shortcuts: Detailed document with all keyboard shortcuts within Fuji 5.7. Example: annotations, intellilink/intelliscroll, viewer, reading protocols etc. 9/17/2020
Primordial Workflow – Radiologist: Step by step instructional on how to view tech notes and complete the Primordial QC process. 9/17/2020
QBE Shortcuts (Query by Example): Detailed document with all the available QBE texts you can use in Fuji. 9/17/2020
Icon Shortcuts: Detailed document that shows icons that are in Fuji and what their descriptions are. 9/17/2020