The following portal contains information and resources to assist PACS users as we transition from Philip PACS to Fuji PACS on (September 29 - October 1). Important information are available in each respective sections to assist users.

Please note: Information in this portal are a stored in approved Banner Teams channels, and you must be granted access in order to view them. Please contact if you do not have access.

Banner Tucson Goes Live with Fuji Synapse 5.7


- All Banner Tucson sites will begin the transition from Philips IntelliSpace PACs to Fuji Synapse PACs- on September 29th – October 1st 2020.

Who is affected:

- All users of the Radiology Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACs) will be affected.

- Current users of the PACs will automatically be set up as users of the new Fuji Synapse PACs. Logging into the new PACs will not require any action from current users.

- Viewing images via the Cerner Link within Cerner Powerchart will NOT be affected.

- The Philips ISCV PACs currently utilized by Cardiology staff will NOT be affected.

Important information and resources:

- Users of the PACs can access for all important information and resources regarding the PACS migration.

- Here you will find valuable resources and important information available for each respective user of the PACs.

- Fuji Training Videos, Documentation and workflows are available for Radiologists, Technologists and basic users of the PACs to help familiarize yourself with the new environment.